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Frank Tafuri
Frank Tafuri

TLCC Inc delivers personalized, high-quality Oracle education and database consulting services to clients worldwide.  The friendly, knowledgeable staff of Terry Wojtkunski and Frank Tafuri have nearly 40 years of real-world Oracle expertise and over 50 years combined experience of providing professional software services in a variety of industries.

TLCC Inc furnishes Oracle database and business process engineering consulting and mentoring services to clients on short- and long-term bases. Specialty areas of expertise (for Oracle 12c, 11g, 10g, 9i and earlier) include:

  • Database performance and SQL tuning
  • Database upgrades and migrations between database versions and platforms
  • Recovery Manager (RMAN) and general disaster recovery (DR) planning and implementation
  • Oracle Data Guard implementation and management
  • Enterprise Manager Grid Control (10g-12c) installation and management
  • Real Application Clusters (RAC) planning, implementation, and management, and
  • 12c and 11g Grid Infrastructure

Clients enjoy the added benefit of having their personnel learn from TLCC’s on-site consultants who, in addition to being skilled technicians, are seasoned instructors, as well.

TLCC Inc also provides instructor-led, on-site training services for Oracle University in international education centers delivering Oracle-certified courses and via real-world-developed Hands-on Training (HoT®) courseware.  Areas of emphasis include database administration, database performance tuning, disaster recovery (including RMAN), Grid management, RAC, and SQL & PL/SQL programming.

The HoT® courses available include:

  • Oracle Fundamentals
  • Oracle for Developers
  • Backup and Recovery Fundamentals
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • And additional titles in development.

In addition, TLCC provides customized instructor-led training and mentoring programs to cover specific topics or areas of interest for clients. The emphasis on training is to enable real-world skills and to engender self-sufficiency in the student.

Both Terry and Frank are regular recipients of Oracle University’s Quality Club award for excellence in customer satisfaction.